My adventure.

Vancouver, Washington, United States
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*nathan, a good cry, acoustic guitars, alphabetizing, band, bass clarinet, beagles, becoming thin, being clean, being held, body image, brand new clothes, calendars, canada, checklists, cheerleading, chicken adobo, classical music, coffee, collaging, college, concerts, cuddling, dancing like i'm alone, dark chocolate, diets, disneyland, dogs, dragonflies, dreams, drinking water, driving, electronics, ewan mcgregor, fashion, fasting, feeling empty and light, figure skating, filipinos, first kisses, flat stomachs, flying, ford mustangs, frank sinatra, friends, guys with guitars, having a good cry, highlighters, hip bones, hockey, holding hands, hot chocolate, hugs, ice cream, ice skating, irish boys, james blunt, journaling, kisses, laughing, lenny kravitz, letters in the mail, long distance phone calls, losing weight, love, managing my eczema, massages, mexican food, moleskines, movies, music, musicans, my bed, my cell phone, new people, notebooks, organizers, organizing, pachebel's canon in d, pandas, perfection, photos, pillows, pink, planners, poetry, portland, puffalumps, puppies, rain, rainy wedding proposals, requiem for a dream, rice, road trips, running, school supplies, seattle, self-control, sexy high heels, sharp hip bones, shoes, shopping, skating, sleeping, snow, snuggling, sorting, sports, starbucks, summer, sunnyvale, the darkness, the moulin rouge, the sun, to-do lists, university district, university of washington, weekends, writing,
This is my venting area.
I complain about school, eczema and stress a lot.
Take it or leave it, it doesn't really matter to me.